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CRITICAL REVIEW is an interdisciplinary journal specializing in review essays of books on political theory, political science, and political economy. Advertising for books and journals in economics, political and sociological theory, political science, political philosophy, and the history of political thought is particularly appropriate.

Indexed/abstracted in: Book Review Index, Current Contents/Social & Behavioral Sciences, Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO), EconLit , Index to Book Reviews in the Humanities, International Bibliography of Book Reviews, International Bibliography of Periodical Literature, International Bibliography of Social Sciences, International Political Science Abstracts, The Left Index, Periodica Islamica, The Philosopher's Index, Political Science Abstracts, Public Affairs Information Service, Research Alert, Sage Human Resources Abstracts, Sage Public Administration Abstracts, Social Sciences Citation Index, Sociological Abstracts, UNESCO DARE Databank of Social Sciences Periodicals on UNESCO CD-ROM and ECHO, and United States Political Science Abstracts.

Contributors include: Scott Althaus, Ronald Beiner, Ben Berger, Sheri Berman, Mark Blyth, Daniel Carpenter, James W. Ceaser, Simone Chambers, Philip E. Converse, Patrick Deneen, James N. Druckman, Jon Elster, Morris Fiorina, James S. Fishkin, Jeffrey Friedman, Bryan Garsten, Michael Allen Gillespie, John Gray, Liah Greenfeld, Russell Hardin, Don Herzog, Jennifer Hochschild, Robert Jervis, Donald Kinder, James H. Kuklinski, Will Kymlicka, Hélène Landemore, Robert Lane, Milton Lodge, Arthur Lupia, Sidney M. Milkis, Joshua Mitchell, Russell Muirhead, Diana C. Mutz, Benjamin I. Page, Thomas L. Pangle, Richard Posner, Paul J. Quirk, Amartya Sen, Robert Y. Shapiro, Adam Sheingate, Jon A. Shields, Peter Singer, Joseph Stiglitz, Cass R. Sunstein, Robert B. Talisse, Charles Taylor, Philip E. Tetlock, Jeffrey Tulis, Bernard Yack, John Zaller.

Topics covered include: liberalism, Marxism, individualism, consumerism, democracy, technocracy, rational-choice theory, the welfare state, the regulatory state, nationalism, public-opinion formation, political epistemology.

PRINT RUN: 4,000
PUBLISHED: quarterly
RECENT ADVERTISERS: Oxford University Press, Princeton University Press, University of Chicago Press
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Critical Review
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