What They're Saying About Critical Review

"Critical Review has articles of unusual range and richness. It is a must for idea-hungry political scientists."
--David Mayhew, Political Science, Yale University

"Critical Review is the best-edited journal in political science, bar none."
--Martin Shefter, Political Science, Cornell University

"Interesting and controversial."
--Robert E. Lane, Yale University

"An excellent publication."
--Anthony Giddens, Sociology, London School of Economics

"I am writing for the sole purpose of telling you how remarkable was the 'human nature' issue of Critical Review....It gives me a chance to say that in general you have done a marvelous job with the journal. It is the best thing around these dark days."
--Robert Heilbroner, Economics, New School for Social Research

"I read Critical Review regularly. I find it one of the more interesting journals these days because it is scholarly, quirky, and unpredictable."
--Daniel Bell, Sociology, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

"Jeffrey Friedman has demonstrated extraordinary editorial talent in making Critical Review an exciting corner in the great market place for competing ideas. Most readers will usually find that a copy of Critical Review contains much to disagree with--but little that is boring, unimportant, or anything other than stimulating and/or provocative."
--Israel M. Kirzner, Economics, New York University

"The most interesting review I have read in recent years, paving new roads in philosophical and economic thinking. I find it very thought-provoking...."
--Jozsef Szajer, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest

"It seems to me to be a very promising venture and to fill a very definite gap in the current periodical literature."
--Hillel Steiner, philosophy, University of Manchester

"...the most fascinating interdisciplinary journal in existence, it is especially important for encouraging a realistic and empirically grounded, yet philosophically rigorous appraisal of different social systems."
--Peter J. Boettke, Economics, George Mason University