Vol.10 No.4 ---- Fall 1996


Special issue on Tibor Scitovsky's The Joyless Economy after twenty years


Preference or Happiness?
Tibor Scitovsky's Psychology of Human Needs
Jeffrey Friedman
Adam McCabe


Rationalism, Joy and Freedom
Amartya Sen

What's Wrong with Consumer Capitalism?
The Joyless Economy after Twenty Years
Juliet Schor

The Diminishing Utility of Economic Growth:
From Maximizing Security toward Maximizing Subjective Well-Being
Ronald Inglehart

Melding the Public and Private Spheres:
Taking Commensality Seriously
Albert O. Hirschman

Complexity, Value, and the Psychological Postulates of Economics
Michael Benedikt

My Own Criticism of The Joyless Economy
Tibor Scitovsky

Review Essay

Myth, Measurement, and the Minimum Wage:
Sound and Fury Signifying What?
Glen Whitman

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